Our terms and conditions apply to the CRANIUM Campus website.

These general terms and conditions take precedence over the general and/or other terms and conditions of the Client, even if these stipulate that they alone shall apply. Deviations from the General Terms and Conditions are only possible with the prior and written consent of CRANIUM Campus.

The General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed accepted by the Client by the mere order of CRANIUM Campus services, even if they conflict with the Client’s own general or special terms and conditions. The General Terms and Conditions are available on the CRANIUM Campus website at all times. Applicability of any purchase or other terms and conditions of the Client is expressly rejected.

Belgian law shall apply and the courts of the district of Brussels shall have jurisdiction.


By registering, the Client accepts that only these general terms and conditions govern the agreement between the parties and the Client undertakes to comply with them. All registrations shall take place via the CRANIUM Campus website.

The successful enrolment of Client participants in CRANIUM Campus training and education programmes shall be in order of registration. A Client’s registration is successful only if it is correctly registered and the Client has received a confirmation thereof via their mailbox.

To successfully register you as a Client, we will process Client personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the other relevant legal regulations. The exact processing of personal data for these purposes are explained in more detail in our privacy statement.

After submitting in the necessary personal data, company details and billing details on the contact form on our website, the Client is viewed as registered, and the Client receives a statement in the mailbox.

The Client can by invoice as explained in the payment terms and conditions.

On-site training courses.

CRANIUM Campus will send a written confirmation upon receipt of successful registration. Clients will receive an invitation about one week before the start of the training course with details of the training location, starting time and other specifications. If the desired training course is fully booked, this will be communicated, and an alternative will be offered.

CRANIUM Campus reserves the right to change the programme, the teacher(s) or the location if, despite all efforts, circumstances force CRANIUM Campus to do so and this without the client being entitled to claim compensation. CRANIUM Campus undertakes to inform the Client immediately of any changes.

Digital courses.

CRANIUM Campus will send a written confirmation upon receipt of successful registration. The Client will receive an invitation to the digital portal and the corresponding learning material as soon as the payment has been registered according to the payment terms.

Terms of payment.

All prices are stated in euros and are exclusive of VAT and other levies. All CRANIUM Campus price lists, offers and contract proposals shall be free of obligation, shall be for information purposes only and shall not be binding on CRANIUM Campus prior to confirmation by the Client. Nevertheless, a registration made by the Client does bind the latter, but only after CRANIUM Campus has successfully registered the registration and the Client has received confirmation thereof.

Personalised quote.

CRANIUM Campus provides the possibility of requesting a personalised quote via the contact form on our website. This personal offer applies only to tailor-made curricula and does not affect the price lists of on-site and digital courses via the portal. The latter can always be consulted by the Client on the web page.

Payment processing.

Payments can be made via invoice and a subsequent bank transfer. The Client is requested to mention the structured communication with the bank transfer, as stated on the invoice. Invoices are payable 30 days after the invoice date. Disputes should be notified by email to within 5 calendar days of dispatch.

Overdue payment.

In the event of non-payment of the invoice on the due date, interest on arrears, calculated at the legal interest rate from the due date, may be charged by law and without prior notice of default.

SME Portfolio.

CRANIUM Services are recognised by the Agency for Innovation & Enterprise Flanders. This enables the Client as an SME to use the ‘KMO Portefeuille’ when purchasing our services. It is possible to get 20% discount for small companies & 30% discount for medium-sized companies. Our approval number is DV.O225288.

The timely and correct submission of a project application to the SME Portfolio, as well as the timely and correct execution of all steps to complete the project file for timely payment to CRANIUM Campus, are the responsibility of the Client. Any application which does not comply with the above criteria or with the criteria laid down by the SME Portfolio itself shall be rejected by CRANIUM Campus.

For the applicable application and payment deadlines, please refer the Client to the terms and conditions of the SME Portfolio. The terms allowed by the SME Portfolio do not affect the payment terms of CRANIUM Campus.

Failure to obtain the SME Portfolio grant does not affect the contract between the client and CRANIUM Campus.


Cancellation by the Client.

Cancellations by the Client will be accepted free of charge up to 3 weeks before the date of the course in question.  For later cancellations, the full registration fee shall be payable to CRANIUM Campus. Cancellations must be made by email to the attention of

If certain documentation, digital or otherwise, were made available in preparation for or as part of the training course, the full registration fee shall remain due.

Clients shall be entitled to replace a participant registered for a course by another person, if this has been notified to CRANIUM Campus before the start of the course and this person meets the admission criteria in the opinion of CRANIUM Campus. Substitution at or after the start of the training or programme is not permitted. There is no charge for such replacement.

Cancellation by CRANIUM Campus

CRANIUM Campus reserves the right to cancel on-site training courses in case of insufficient enrolments or force majeure. In case of cancellation due to insufficient enrolments, Client will be informed of this at the latest 5 calendar days before the training course. Together with the Client, a next suitable date will be chosen from the list of planned training courses, or another alternative will be offered. If the latter proves impossible, course fees already paid will be refunded.

Force majeure.

In case of cancellation due to force majeure, the Client will be informed as soon as possible. In case of cancellation due to insufficient registrations or force majeure, the Client cannot claim any compensation for this. If necessary, the invoice will be credited, and the registration fee refunded.

If the client is unable to attend the course due to illness, they must inform CRANIUM Campus of the absence before the start of the course (before 9 am). Such cancellation due to illness by the client shall be free of charge if the client can submit a valid absence certificate to CRANIUM Campus at the latest 5 days after the cancellation due to illness. In the absence of such a certificate of absence, CRANIUM Campus shall be obliged to charge the client €300.

Copyrights and intellectual property

The information, content and materials on CRANIUM Campus are protected by intellectual rights owned by CRANIUM Campus. Any reproduction, dissemination, sale, distribution, publication, adaptation, translation, processing and use of such information, content and materials can only be done for personal purposes, i.e. for a non-commercial and private use only.

The documentation made available during courses and examinations may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced, translated, adapted or stored, in any form or by any means, without the prior and written consent of CRANIUM Campus.