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CRANIUM is mainly a knowledge company. With CRANIUM Campus, we want to enable people to learn continuously within a tightknit community.

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Anne Jansen, CEO CRANIUM

“Investing in people is important; instead of a vulnerability, they become your biggest asset when it comes down to information security.”

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CRANIUM, Campus’ mother company, houses over 80 consultants specialising in privacy, security and data management. A continuous hunger for knowledge and excellent service are part of our DNA.

As we house this much expertise, why not share it? This is how CRANIUM Campus was born. We want to offer you the tools to become your own expert within the field.

Our expertise, your expertise.

Take control and become the expert yourself. In addition to teaching, our specialists are active in practice themselves and are therefore perfectly placed to shape and guide you.

Practical over technical.

Nothing more frustrating than overly technical training without practical examples. With our customised training, we provide plenty of examples applied to your domain.

Get certified!

DPO ambitions but not yet certified? Through our flexible training options, you can obtain a certificate at your own pace.

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