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Take the first steps towards an AI governed and compliant organisation

Designed to use in the real world.

This course will provide you with the necessary skills and tools to effectively use AI applications, which makes it highly relevant for anyone who wants to use AI in their everyday work.

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Get insights from a variety of viewpoints, enabling better collaboration across different fields , including technical and legal areas.

Play by the rules.

This course teaches you what you need to know to use AI both effectively and legally, making sure you stay compliant while you’re exploring the innovative possibilities of AI.

Why an AI Governance and Compliance course?

Artifical Intelligence is reshaping our world. From the likes of ChatGPT, DALL-E and Bard, AI is no longer just a buzzword but a reality in our daily lives and a critical area of professional relevance. 

AI has stepped out of academic shadows and hobbyist corners, and becomes integral to the core operations of diverse industries. With such widespread integration comes the challenge of regulation, and staying ahead of these developments can be a daunting challenge.

This course is designed for those who use, implement or oversee AI applications in their organisation. We offer you more than just a learning journey; it’s a toolkit to master AI applications, ensuring your actions are not just effective but also legally compliant. Dive deep into the realms of AI Governance & Compliance, while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and the upcoming AI Act. 

Is this a course for you?

Our AI Governance & Compliance course is designed to suit a wide range of professionals. It’s an ideal choice for privacy professionals, legal counsels, and CxOs, providing them with specialised knowledge and tools to manage the complexities of AI Governance and the potential challenges their organisation may face. 

Additionally, it’s an essential guide for anyone eager to understand, implement and use AI technologies within their organisation, while ensuring strict compliance with legislation.

So, whether you are a seasoned privacy professional, a legal advisor, a senior executive, or simply someone with a passion for AI, this course offers the in-depth insights and practical skills you need to excel in the dynamic landscape of AI governance and compliance.

Your AI Governance and Compliance Trainers.

Throughout the training, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions with our expert trainers.

Bavo Van den heuvel
Bavo Van den Heuvel

has been following up the developments in data protection land for over 25 years. His expertise also extends into the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Enzo Marquet

Enzo Marquet

is bitten by privacy, and has elaborate experience in both research and practical application of data protection. He thrives on spreading privacy conscious behaviour, including privacy compliant use of AI.

Bart van Buitenen
Bart van Buitenen

is a householdname in data protection and security with over 15 years of experience. He’s also known from Dasprive vzw and has been following up all the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence.

AI Governance and Compliance Course contents.

In the first chapter, we will introduce AI and situate the topic within the landscape of risks and regulation.

  • Introduction to artificial intelligence: a brief history of followed by an attempt to define artificial intelligence to wrap up with the significance of artificial intelligence.
  • AI’s risks: a list of the inherent risks known right know and some of the use cases we have seen.
  • Legal and regulatory landscape: a run-through of all AI related legislation with the idea, scope and most remarkable elements.

The second chapter is all about the AI Act (the most known body of legislation) and what is in there.

  • Introduction to the act: some background on the act and where they are in the development, followed by the key objectives and to what it applies.
  • Definitions: What exactly is meant with AI systems, how do you define the different AI system risk levels and what actors are introduced.
  • Prohibited & High-Risk AI Systems: the practices that are forbidden in the near future and what is the expected timeline. For the High-risk systems come with a range of obligations, we provide the necessary overview.
  • Monitoring & Enforcement: the mechanisms that are introduced to monitor the development of AI governance and provide enforcement when in breach.
  • Support for Innovation: the provisions in the act to make sure European innovation isn’t halted.

The third chapter will discuss the elements you can start implementing in your organisation to prepare for the introduction.

  • AI Governance: the need to go further than compliance and how this differs between deployers and the other actors.
  • Audits & assessments: the range of relevant audits and assessments in the artificial intelligence context.
  • Mechanisms: all other mechanisms useful to foster the governance of AI.
  • Risk Management Framework: the frameworks that can be used as an inspiration to organise your organisation.
  • Ethics & Responsible AI: the role of ethics for artificial intelligence and how this approach can be used as a selling point.

The fourth chapter, we will discuss our developed AI Impact Assessment:

  • The methodology behind our AI Impact Assessment.
  • Use the methodology on a foreseen use case.

Frequently asked questions about AI Governance & Compliance.

We try to provide you with all necessary answers to adequately inform you about our course. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions.

You will receive the course book in a physical format. When following the course from a distance, you’ll receive it via postal mail.

Yes, the KMO portefeuille is available for eligible SME’s under the digitalization theme. Check the page here to learn more about the process. Only the course can be subsidized, the certification exam needs to be paid in full. This distinction will be displayed on the invoice.

If you have a group of people you would want to learn about AI Governance & Compliance, please reach out. We can pay attention to the specific parts relevant to the participants and tailor the contents and length in such way.

The AI Act is not yet final, though the main concepts will stay the same. We organise this course now so you can already adequately prepare the organisation by installing processes and responsibilities. Once the final version has been established, we will organise a virtual class explaining the possible deltas between what was given and what was voted.