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Invest in your people to achieve privacy compliance, strong information security and well-managed data without obstructing your business. Find a course today.

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why we do what we do.

Investing in people is the best business-decision you’ll ever make.

In today’s digital landscape, employees come across (personal) data all the time. Knowing how to handle this data securely, efficiently and correctly, is crucial for a healthy and better organised business operations.

Proper training is the key to success here. Besides hiring our expertise, we are happy to share our knowledge with you. That way, you can become your own in-house expert.

Our expertise, your knowledge.

Take control and become the expert yourself. In addition to teaching, our specialists are active in practice themselves and are therefore perfectly placed to shape and guide you.

Practical over technical.

Nothing more frustrating than overly technical training without practical examples. With our customised training, we provide plenty of examples applied to your domain.

Get certified!

DPO ambitions but not yet certified? Through our flexible training options, you can obtain a certificate at your own pace.

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Ian Bartsoen, Campus Lead.

“Data Governance is a knowledge and skill driven domain. With Campus we enable professionals through the knowledge and expertise built up within CRANIUM.”

Invest in knowledge for a future-proof business.
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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, continuously learning is important. Browse through our offering to find a course in privacy or security.

Privacy Courses

Data Protection and Privacy trainings for every level of experience, from beginner to professional.

Security Courses

Whether you’re a seasoned expert of a newbie, we’ve got you covered with our information security courses.

In-class Courses

Face-to-face training by one of our seasoned professionals.

DPO Fundamentals.

Aspiring to become your organisation’s Data Protection Officer or trying to understand and support your DPO? Then this course is for you!


3 days


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DPO Advanced.

This course builds on the DPO Fundamentals course and is aimed at professionals who’d like to elevate their knowledge to the next level.


1 day



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